The Vintage Cookbookery
The Vintage Cookbookery
2013 The Vintage Cookbookery
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Writing about food, food history, food preparation and food trends is one of the benchmarks we have to trace our roots and our civilizations. Like any other history, culinary history defines how we got where we are and who we are.

The Vintage Cookbookery, formerly my online business, is now a fun site for foodaphiles and cookbook lovers. I collect cookbooks, including vintage, antique and 'collectible' cookbooks, all reminiscent of our ever evolving trends in cooking, in food and cultures around the world; it is a fascinating experience to read these recipes. Cookbooks are like small time capsules. Forget social studies! If you want history, read cookbooks! This site is under construction....please stay tuned for much more ! In the meantime, please see my blogs at
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